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    Available Now: Defusing the Family Business Time Bomb. Designed to help business leaders address the most explosive challenge in a generation. Learn how to take control of your company’s future, now, to ensure that it will be of ongoing relevance to the marketplace, setting the stage for transition to someone else.

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    We are all about helping companies in transition; to identify and put in place the resources and solutions that you need to support where your company is today, and more importantly, where it’s going tomorrow. Companies that are growing are exciting and in a world of market opportunities, someone will benefit. Why not your business?

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    Jenifer is a thought provoking media commentator and speaker with a unique perspective, delivering presentations and seminars on a wide range of topics. She appears on national television and other media on a regular basis.

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    Jenifer has developed content in the areas of financing for early stage companies and technology commercialization that can be delivered in course or workshop format. A popular content area is financial literacy for non-financial business leaders, using a plain language approach to help leaders and their teams to better understand accounting and finance in a corporate setting and how it can be utilized to drive growth and performance.

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I believe that being in business is all about opportunities

I’m a creative person at heart and have always had an interest in finding solutions to challenges, as well as looking at the world around me to understand it better.  The diverse and evolving business world has held my attention and kept me learning for over 25 years, and anyone who has built a successful company understands the power of experience and just how much the right expertise matters.  One of the biggest compliments I’ve received is when a business leader tells me that they feel better or are more inspired after working with me to face a particular challenge.  That’s powerful!

I believe that being in business is all about opportunities, but making the most of them isn’t always easy.  It often takes a unique perspective to recognize an opportunity and then determine how to approach it.  Perhaps, you’ve felt the frustration of not knowing where to take your business or how to get there.  Building a great company requires an edge in the marketplace and some bold thinking.

I’ve been there, understand the journey, and want to help