Celebrating 5 Years on the CBC News Network Weekend Business Panel (August, 2022)

Grateful to be celebrating five years on the CBC News Network Weekend Business Panel; what a journey it has been!  It began with two and a half years live in CBC’s flagship studio in Toronto, followed by over two years of remote work, all the while covering an incredible range of business stories.  Here is a sample of topics upon which I’ve provided commentary over the past five years:

On a personal level, a story that I have been watching closely is the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a tragedy on so many levels.  As a Canadian of Ukrainian descent, it is difficult to imagine what people in Ukraine are experiencing from a personal and family perspective, much less on a business and economic level.  Everyone deserves to live in a peaceful world, and I hope for this for everyone in Ukraine each day.

The Summer of 2022 brought my first travel since before the pandemic and an opportunity to provide my commentary from beautiful Nova Scotia!  Each week also brings a bit of home studio styling fun.

Thanks for watching; it is a privilege to bring the news to you, whatever the business world has in store!

Jenifer Bartman
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