Professional Designations

Chartered Professional Accountant

Chartered Professional Accountant

We have held the designation of Chartered Accountant (the profession is currently in the process of being migrating to the designation of Chartered Professional Accountant) since 1994. Learn more about how this designation can be helpful to your business

Certified Management Consultant

Certified Management Consultant

We have held the designation of Certified Management Consultant since 1997. Learn more about the importance of this international designation, particularly in terms of selecting an advisor.


Here's what others have to say about us

Evelyn Jacks

President / The Knowledge Bureau

It has been a pleasure to welcome Jenifer to the Knowledge Bureau Faculty. She has contributed in an outstanding way to the education of tax and financial advisors across Canada in the area of family business planning by contributing two certificate courses to our curriculum: Business Succession, Business Valuation and updating a new edition of Advising Family Businesses. Jenifer is also a popular guest lecturer at the Distinguished Advisor Workshops and a well-organized, dependable, and articulate keynote speaker.

O. Ken Bicknell

President & Chief Executive Officer / Digital Underground Media Inc.

I first worked with Jenifer when she was in an advisory role to our business. We liked her so much, we asked her to join us as an officer and partner. Her experience and professional designations provide Jenifer with a depth and perspective that belie her tenure. Her value to me and the business always exceeded expectations, and I have maintained a working relationship with Jenifer subsequent to the sale of our company.

Susan Misner, PFP

Co-Founder & Publisher /

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jenifer in her role as a business advisor; she is truly an exceptional professional with a very rare and unique skill set. Jenifer can add incredible value in helping businesses grow, transition, or differentiate themselves, gets the job done, and always delivers on deadline. She’s also a popular contributor to our online digital media site, providing advice and inspiration to our global community of subscribers.

Janice Turner

Manager / E-newsletters and Webinars

I’ve been pleased to work with Jenifer, a regular contributor to CPA Canada’s CareerVision newsletter, over the past few years. She has also developed and presented three webinars in the areas of venture capital and financing early stage companies for our webinar program. Jenifer’s webinars have attracted an average of 3,200 registrants per session, and they’ve all been rated as Good/Very Good by at least 95% of the participants. I look forward to continuing our working relationship in the future.”

Over the course of our professional career, we have worked with a wide range of clients in many industries.  Here is a sample of some of the projects we have completed.

Executive Coaching, Business Planning, & Financing Related

Project History

Executive Coaching, Various industries

Provided advice and assistance to CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and senior executives to address various issues, including growth strategies, human resources, financial management, marketing, financing, and performance improvement.

Budgeting/Financial forecasting, various organizations

Provided assistance to companies to develop budgeting and/or forecasting systems and processes, including template development, assumptions, and supporting schedules.

Financial analysis and business planning, various industries

Provided assistance in the areas of financial analysis, management reporting, and business planning to a wide range of organizations.

Accounting/finance system development and improvement, various industries

Reviewed accounting and finance environments to assess the current state and recommend system improvements. Includes development and enhancement of necessary systems, policies, and procedures over a nine year period to support the operations of a rapidly growing group of companies, including a publicly distributed investment fund.

Business plan and financial forecast for financing purposes, various industries

Work steps typically include market research and analysis, as well as financial forecasts and assumptions.  Have developed structures, templates, and strategies to meet the specific expectations of financial partners and early stage investors.  These plans are typically utilized to seek financing to support growth and expanded operations.

Business plan development and review, various industries

Engaged to develop and/or critique business plans for companies in a wide range of industries.  Key worksteps include developing business plan content, assisting clients with business model issues, and reviewing/critiquing content.  Our approach includes utilizing a business plan format developed based on our experience as an early stage investor, as well as a direct review/edit process to make completion more efficient.

Business and financial planning, technology industry

Engaged to assist a technology company to identify the necessary requirements to support future growth, including resources, estimated financing, potential sources of capital, roles and responsibilities, and other organizational needs.

Financing assistance, Technology industry

Engaged to assist an early stage technology company experiencing rapid growth to undertake the financing process.  Key worksteps included assistance with investor presentations, materials, and various areas related to the financing process.

Strategic business plan and financial projection, Rural community

Engaged to complete a strategic plan and future-oriented financial information (FOFI) projections to facilitate a community development initiative in a rural community.  Project work also included development of possible financing scenarios and design of the governance organization.  Presentations and consultations were conducted with public sector officials at local, regional, and federal levels.

Cost/benefit analysis, Municipal organization

Engaged to assess the financial impact of amalgamating two organizations under various scenarios.  Key deliverable was a financial illustration under two amalgamation scenarios, related assumptions, and discussion of capital asset and liability issues.  An assessment of amalgamation impact under each scenario was completed.

Operational and cost review, Healthcare sector

Conducted an operational and cost review of an organization in the healthcare field.  Project work involved a detailed cost review, preparation of a future-oriented financial (FOFI) projection, and identification of additional patient services and alternative funding sources.  The impact of changes in method of service delivery was reviewed.

Performance improvement study, Administration and finance department

Conducted a review of a public sector administration and finance department to determine the appropriate staffing level and areas for process improvement.  Project work steps included activity-based costing (ABC), workload assessment, and organizational design scenarios.  A key workstep is benchmarking performance against other similar organizations, and identifying performance improvement opportunities.  Collection, compilation, and interpretation of relevant operating performance data were critical for developing a departmental re-design strategy.

Alternate service delivery review, Federal government program

Participated in an alternate service delivery (ASD) review of a federal government program.  Work activities included research and costing of service delivery options, benchmarking analysis,  identification of best practices, and opportunities for performance improvement.

Business model comparative scan, Economic development and tourism industries

Conducted an external scan to compare business models of agencies in the economic development and tourism industries.  Worksteps included documenting the current state for comparison to other like organizations, collecting comparative information, and assessing gaps.  Findings and recommendations were designed to assist the organization’s management and governance teams with consideration of business model enhancements.

Performance improvement initiatives, various industries

Have worked with numerous organizations to identify and provide recommendations to address areas where improvement is required.  Areas that have been addressed include business strategy, financing, corporate and organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, accounting/financing, marketing, production, service delivery, administration, risk management, policies, processes, and systems.  Utilized a practical and implementation based approach, including gap analysis, implementation planning, tools, coaching, and other resources.

Marketing, Organizational Review, and Performance Improvement

Project History

Market Research/Marketing Strategy Assistance, Various industries

Given that the area of marketing is one of the core areas to address with young companies, assisted numerous early stage businesses in addressing issues related to developing a sound and investor ready marketing strategy, including marketing approach, distribution, pricing, budgeting/financial considerations, advertising/promotion, identification of appropriate target markets, and competitive issues.  Provided market research assistance to help companies develop their marketing strategy, including identification of appropriate research categories, sources, and approaches, as well as compilation and analysis for decision making and business planning purposes.

Market study (Potential expansion markets), Technology industry

Engaged to conduct market study to assist a technology company in identifying potential markets for a new product offering.  Project activities included identification of potential market segments and research categories of interest, conducting primary and secondary market research, identification of key customer preferences, conducting a competitive analysis, identification and assessment of potential business models, as well as pricing and financial considerations.  Assistance was also provided in selecting the most appropriate markets, as well as next steps leading to implementation.

Feasibility and market study, Retail/wholesale initiatives

Assisted with the conduct of a feasibility and market study to develop a wholesale/retail concept for rural communities in a region of Canada.  Project worksteps included detailed primary and secondary market research efforts to develop a solid understanding of the economic and social environments.  Primary market research activities included collection and analysis of demographic data, spending habits, and other economic research.  A stakeholder survey was developed, and results were collected, tabulated, and analyzed.  Secondary market research activities included site study, competitive analysis, focus group sessions, and community consultations.

Marketing and business planning assistance, Value added agriculture industry

Provided assistance to an emerging company in the value added agriculture industry, including indentifying and accessing potential market opportunities, product development, competitive differentiation, and various business issues.  Assistance was provided at the Board and advisory level for several years.

Marketing plan, Technology industry

Engaged to develop a marketing plan for an emerging business serving a niche market in the technology industry.  Key worksteps included an assessment of the business’ current sales and marketing resources and performance, a competitive analysis, key product differentiators, identification of potential sales and marketing strategies, and executive coaching to confirm and implement strategy revisions.

Market study (Potential expansion markets), Manufacturing industry

Engaged to conduct market research to assist an established company in the manufacturing industry identify potential new markets for its products.  The project included defining market segments of interest, conducting secondary market research, identifying key product attributes and customer preferences, and assisting the company in terms of understanding the most appropriate market segments to approach.  Assistance was also provided to help the company understand possible ownership structures for seeking management participation and investment capital.

Feasibility study and financial projection, Healthcare industry

Conducted a feasibility study of alternative housing models in the healthcare industry.  Project work activities included demographic analysis, focus group sessions, stakeholder consultation, benchmarking, and development of a high-level business plan and implementation strategy.  Business plan components included pro-forma capital and operating statements for several development scenarios and related assumptions.

Market surveys, various industries

Developed, conducted, and compiled a wide range of market surveys in various industries, including food processing, professional services, telecommunications, natural resources, and education.   Survey results were utilized to guide organizational strategy, improve performance, and/or provide insight into customer/client satisfaction levels.

Organizational review, International disaster relief organization

Conducted a third party evaluation of a disaster relief effort for an international organization.  Key worksteps included facilitation of stakeholder interviews and focus groups, as well as staff discussion groups.  A comprehensive list of recommendations was developed and delivered to leaders in the national office.

Organizational review, Non-profit agency

Conducted an organizational review of a non-profit agency to improve organizational wellness, streamline staffing, and implement an appropriate salary structure.  Project work involved individual interviews and focus groups, review and revision of job descriptions, and analysis of salary levels.  Participating in change management sessions was an important phase of the project and results were critical to re-organization of the agency.

Operational restructure, Healthcare sector

Led an operational restructure of an organization in the healthcare sector, implementing a number of performance improvement initiatives.  Project activities included organizational needs assessment, job analysis and design, job descriptions, recruitment of staff, budget development and financial management, policies and procedures, and teambuilding.  Identification of cost saving opportunities, budget development, and cost containment were critical project activities.

Program Review, Public sector organization

Performed a program review of a public sector pilot project.  Project work included assessment of program policies, as well as review of accounting and program records.  Results of this review were compared to initial project guidelines and objectives to assess performance and recommend policy revisions.  The pilot project was conducted over a two year period, and worksteps included interviews and consultation with program participants and public sector officials.  Results of the study were used to make program policy improvements, geared towards expanding the project.

Organizational review, Non-profit residence

Conducted an organizational review of a housing facility.  The review was instigated due to changes in resident needs and volumes, as well as the quality of service.  Project work included staff and resident interviews, as well as review of job descriptions, policies and procedures, and accounting records, and practices.  The review included consideration of the future role of satellite facilities, as well as contract administration practices.  Operational and strategic recommendations were drafted and presented to senior administration and the resident group.

Departmental review, Public sector administrative department

Assisted in the conduct of a departmental review of a public sector organization.  Work steps included system documentation and flowcharting, needs analysis, cost/benefit analysis of possible solutions, and re-engineering of work activities. Needs analysis included conducting staff member interviews and consultations, as well as user focus groups, to solicit feedback from a variety of viewpoints.

Service delivery review, Public sector organization

Conducted a review of transportation services at a public sector organization.  Project work included operational and financial review and modeling of several user departments, cross-jurisdictional scanning, identification of best practices, and recommendations for improvement.  An important part of the study was conducting departmental and stakeholder interviews and consultations, to identify issues and solicit service delivery feedback.  The study was used to formulate an action-oriented strategy for moving forward.

Organizational design implementation planning, Insurance industry

Assisted a large organization in the insurance industry with implementation planning for redesign of its largest functional department.  Project activities included facilitation of senior management strategy sessions, identification of critical tasks and activities, development of a detailed implementation plan, and drafting of terms of reference.

Organizational review, Financial services organization

Conducted an organizational review of a financial services organization to identify operational issues, define roles and responsibilities, and develop an appropriate organizational structure.  Project work involved extensive staff interviews, as well as working sessions with the senior management team, addressing both operational issues and options for organizational structure.  Job descriptions were developed for all positions in the organization.

Organizational review, Public sector organization

Assisted in the conduct of an organizational review of a public sector organization to clarify its role and strategic plan for the future.  Project work focused on facilitation of focus groups, consultation with diverse stakeholders, data collection, and grouping and prioritizing discussion findings.

Operational review, Manufacturing industry

Conducted an operational review of a growing manufacturing company requiring improvement in terms of systems, processes, procedures, performance indicators, and resources.  Conducted a gap analysis across the main functional areas, including accounting, administration, sales, production, and systems to identify shortfall areas.  Developed a comprehensive list of recommendations for implementation, as well as a high-level action plan.

Operational review, Health and wellness industry

Conducted an operational review of a health and wellness company with the objective of improving performance and shareholder value.  Areas of review included accounting, finance, human resources, sales, marketing, systems, and administration.  Developed a comprehensive list of recommendations for implementation, to address systems, policies, procedures, business development, and financial position.  This project also included working directly with the Board of Directors to address business strategy and shareholder issues.

Operational review, Construction and building materials industry

Conducted an operational review of a rapidly growing group of companies in the construction and building materials industry.  The project commenced with conducting a gap analysis across the accounting, finance, human resource, systems, and management reporting functions, and was expanded to include additional areas.  Developed a comprehensive list of recommendations for implementation, as well as a highlevel action plan.  Phase II of this project included direct assistance with the implementation process, as well as providing advice in additional areas, including financing, growth strategies, and planning for the launch of a new venture.

Operational and business strategy review, Value-added agriculture industry

Conducted an operational review of a company in the value-added agriculture industry, to assess its current state, business strategy, and identify recommendations for improvement.  A gap analysis was conducted across various key areas, including the product offering, production, sales, marketing, market opportunities, management/administration, and finance.  Developed a comprehensive list of recommendations for implementation, as well as a highlevel action plan.  This project also included facilitating a strategy session with the Board of Directors.

Human resources

Project History

Executive/Senior Management Compensation Reviews, Various industries

Project work typically includes a market salary survey of executive team positions, review and assessment of the existing program, and development of a comprehensive compensation program.  May include short term, long term, variable, and equity components.

Market salary surveys, various organizations

Conducted a wide range of salary surveys and compensation studies for key positions in various industries, including professional services, telecommunications, agriculture, and education.

Human resources audit, Crown Corporation

Completed an audit of the human resources function for a crown corporation experiencing significant growth.  Project work activities included documenting and clarifying existing human resource processes, assessing based on audit criteria, and identifying areas for improvement.

Recruitment and selection, various organizations

Conducted a number of recruitment and selection assignments for a wide range of professional positions.

Job descriptions, evaluation, and performance standards, Various organizations

Conducted various projects relating to job analysis, design, evaluation, and performance standards.  Key worksteps involved collection of job tasks and responsibilities, developing job design alternatives, and establishing performance standards.

CEO performance appraisal, Various organizations

Adapted, implemented, and provided guidance in the area of CEO performance appraisal.

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